Methodological principles

Based on our experience and the results of scientific research into women’s issues, the problems of the target group require a special methodology:

1. Protection and living space
Our Frauenhaus offers an anonymous living space protected against further attacks and acts of violence. Protection and safety are indispensable prerequisites for those affected to process their experiences of violence and to regain control over their own lives. Whilst safeguarding privacy, we aim to promote the exchange of experience and mutual assistance among affected women and children.

2. Commitment
We take women and children’s experiences of violence seriously and take a stand against violence, domination and intimidation. Through a basic attitude of critical solidarity, we support women and children in exercising their right to physical and mental integrity

3. Comprehensive approach
Our work is based on the analysis of the societal discrimination of women and children, power in gender relations and gender-specific role behaviour. It therefore focuses on material, physical, mental and social stabilisation and thus on the well-being of every single woman and every single child.

4. Empowerment and resource orientation
Our work continues to be oriented towards the individual strengths, resources and abilities of women and children. On this basis, personality is strengthened and supported in the sense of self-empowerment, and opportunities for action are extended.

5. Relationship orientation
Women affected by violence are often socially isolated and, due to their experiences, have lost confidence in the sustainability of relationships. The relationships between employees and residents and their children as well as between the residents and their children enable new social contacts. This includes the opportunity to develop trusting relationships whilst safeguarding autonomy.