Wishes of the Frauenhaus
The Tuesday Letter to the members of the state parliament and candidates for the state parliament 2017. Since 15.11.2016 until the state election, every Tuesday the state politicians received post from the 26 autonomous women’s shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia with the wishes for the coming state policy – concerning violence against women and improving the situation of women and children affected by violence.

Nationwide help telephone: 08000116016
Anonymous, free, accessible counselling around the clock for women affected by violence. Since 06.03.2013, the help telephone has offered counselling for women, relatives and supporters affected by violence. For women who speak little or no German, interpreters are available. Deaf women can contact the counsellors through a sign-language relay service or with the aid of written language interpreters. In addition to telephone counselling, online counselling is also available: