Accessible entrance

The Essen women's refuge is equipped with a wheelchair-accessible flat for wheelchair users, and the counselling and children's areas are at ground level.

Flat - Bedroom

Depending on the number of people, a family may have one or two bedrooms to themselves.

Flat - Kitchen

2 to 3 women share a kitchen together.

Flat - Living room

Each flat has its own living room for 2 - 3 women with their children.

Flat - Bathroom

There are shower and bath tubs.

Community - Children's area

During the day, the children's area offers hourly programmes for toddlers to schoolchildren.

Community - Counselling room
Each resident has their own contact person who advises and supports them.
Community - Garden (in summer)
The garden is fenced all around and in summer a place to play, sit and barbecue.
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